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So heralded is a new era...

Once upon a time, I made a new journal that's a bit more applicable and such. I need to get back into regular journal-writing, if only for my own mental health, heh. Let me go ahead and itemize a list of what all's going on, at least so I can remember them myself. T.T

+ I'm moving to California   
Yes, it's happening for sure. Actually I'm almost completely packed and ready to go, mind you I'm not bringing much...  Here's pretty much everything I'm bringing with me, less the clothes I haven't yet washed, a couple welders, a motorcycle, a toolbox and a Rambler wagon. 
+ I quit my job    
Mmhmm! After two years, one month at Sand Dunes Auto, Friday of last week was my last day. It's quite surreal to not be at work right now, honestly... Of course I don't have all the time in the world to sit around, though, since there's so much I have to get done around the house to make it an acceptable rental in time for the big move IN ONE WEEK. o.o;
+ I had a garage fire 
Yes, in late October I had a nasty garage fire. The FD chief says it was probably my lawn mower that caused the fire, mostly because I had been using it that same morning to mulch leaves, didn't clean leaves off the mower deck when I put it back into the garage. Basically the structure for the most part survived, but the contents were all destroyed. This wouldn't be a big deal except that's where I had been putting everything I wanted to bring with me when I moved... So yeah. Saddest part was that my motorcycle, that I had ridden to nearly every state in the country and been on all sorts of adventures was completely trashed. 
+ I like this girl but it's complicated 
Yeah, this isn't really anything amazing. I like this girl, but I'm moving so it's not really gonna happen. I'm probably being too needy or something though since I haven't heard from her in like a week now. *shrugs* Again, not anything you haven't seen in LJ a billion times. 
+ I sold/got rid of almost everything I own
It was a hard lesson to learn, and it took a catastrophic garage fire to learn it. At least now I have learned that things themselves do not make me happy. I was basically raised to judge myself based upon how nice my stuff is, or how much I make, but come on... None of that matters. What I want out of life is to experience new things, learn stuff, see all sorts of sights, explore, travel, meet new people... It's that stuff that makes me at least feel like I haven't wasted my time. I'm not going to say it makes me happy, because I don't really seem to operate on a happy/sad basis; I have my ups, where I appreciate my downs, and my downs, where I appreciate my ups and everything between. All I really know is that as short as life is, I'm not wasting it working myself to death anymore for the fleeting glimpses of appreciation from my family and strangers at what I've "accomplished". That's really the wrong reason to ever do anything.
+ I'm going back to school 
Yesh, I don't like working on cars, so I'm going to school for accounting. I'm not really passionate about accounting, but it's a stable job that will support me in my adventures. <3
+ I have a new (updated, really) 'sona
Height: 20" at the shoulder
Length: 60" nose to tail, 35" less tail
Weight: 20Kg/44lbs
-Atticus is the size of an average coyote or large jackal-

-He keeps the same horns, body structure and colors as the old atty. 
-has a serpentine forked tongue that has its own tonguesheath thingy
-saliva is laced with Novacaine for instant local numbing of his prey when he bites
-fangs are hollow like hypodermic needles, his venom contains a lovely cocktail of THC and MDMA 
-ALL FLESH IS SPECKLED CORNFLOWER BLUE. Yes, even -that-. His mouth, however, has grey flesh near his lips that fades back into speckled blue the farther back it goes.
-there are glands at the bases of his tail spines that secrete powerful tranquilizers
-he LOVES tummy rubs and ear rubs. What a homo <3
-REMEMBER THAT ATTICUS IS A DEITY. Most shit won't kill him. :o

RGB Color values (in full bright) are:
Silver:168, 162, 155 "Spark Silver"
Yellow:255, 223, 111 "Goldenrod"
Beige:255, 241, 194 "Warm White"
Blue:117, 224, 251 "Cornflower Blue"
The ref is correct except that now instead of having the full silver cape, he just has a silver mane and the cape is replaced with thylacine stripes (google it) and his tailspines point upwards like a stegasaurus' tail 
+ Got myself a shiny new motorcycle 
oh baby fuck yes. When I said things don't make me happy, It's true... but some of the things you can DO with the things you own can still make a person happy as shit. <3 But I digress...
After the fire destroyed my kawasaki, I used the insurance money to get an Aprilia Tuono 1000R and its so smexyyyyy <3 hopefully I will be able to get pictures with me actually ON IT, instead of being a goober and taking pictures of my stuff. :|



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